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3rd Mar 2017

Alright, first things first: If you're just getting into sim remember this: Above all else, patience is you best friend. From picking when to attack a target, when to run a way and how to just get off the ground...all of it boils down to patience. 

     A flight stick will be on your next "i gotta get dat" list IMO. You can try to use the controller, you can use a mouse and keyboard (plugged into your 2 usb ports or with a multi-usb splitter) but eventually, if you stick around in sim and find that you enjoy it, you'll be searching the internet (amazon has some good deals) on the Thrustmaster PS4 stick and throttle....then maybe you'll want to add more rudder control and want to buy the rudder pedals. But I digress. 
     Added next on the list will be you're soon acquired desire to have some type of head-tracking. You'll find that juggling flying is a feat in and of itself and when you're trying to control your 3 axis of flight along with flaps and landing gear....trying to look around is rather difficult. Unless you're from the circus and taught the Ringling Brothers how to be successful. 
     For us PS4 users this boils down to using the PS4 camera. Placement of the camera itself, lighting and test flights are the bottom line to getting this set up in order find "the sweet spot". 

     If this hasn't scared you away yet and you're still reading, wondering when I'll get to the "how the hell do I fly this thing" part here you go: (NOTE: these are based on my settings with Thrustmaster stick and throttle)

Key controls you'll want to set up are: 
Pitch Axis- - go to edit settings and change the non-linearity to 4 to start out with, you can decrease this later with more experience. This will keep you from pulling "too hard" in a turn causing (with out getting deep into flying speak) your angle of attack to increase beyond the aircraft's AOA limits and you spinning to your death by meeting the ground very abruptly. You'll also want to keep your pitch sensitivity to about 50%-70%, start low and work your way up. 

That is literally the only control issue I've had while playing this game. Every other control beit rudder or aileron, I have set to 100% sensitivity and about .99 on non-linearity last I check. I will check again and repost any corrections.

I'm sorry to say, but any other platforms of control that you may be using I do not have experience with. I used the controller once, hated it. Attempted to use mouse and keyboard and had to go for a rage filled gym session after about 5 minutes due to my frustration. Any other questions or concerns I will be happy to assist with either here or, catch me in a game and I'll try to help out however I can. 

Until then, happy landings! 

"There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter."

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