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Pilot Speak: Commonly used words/phrases
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3rd Mar 2017

In the pilot world, especially single seat aircraft like in WWII, communication is PARAMOUNT. Knowing WHO is WHERE is key to "winning the fight". In the time since WWII pilots have been trying to say more with less words and thus have created a language to make communicating easier. BUT this only works when the pilots have a clear understanding of what they intend others to know. 

Lets say 2 guys are flying along in the virtual air space and trying to help each other. We'll call them "Guy 1" (the more experienced guy leading the 2) and "Guy 2"....Well, "Guy 2" has just lost sight of "Guy 1" and says "Uhh....Guy 1 where you at?" 
Guy 1 responds "Guy 1 is established Angels 7, Echo 5,  orbiting for RV"

Would you know what to do or what that even means? 

Or Guy 1 has just begun an engagement with a BF109 in his P-38G and says "Guy 1, padlocked with 109 at Angels 4, descending, Charlie 3, picked up a tail, need help"  

Would you now where to look in relation to where you are right then and be able to swoop in to help Guy 1 out?

Well here's a short list of words and phrases to help you out with that: 

Tally: you see a bad guy (bandit)
Visual: You see a good guy (friendly)
Bogey: Unknown aircraft
Bandit: Bad Guy aircraft
Heading: the direction your aircraft is pointing based on a 360 degree compass. 
Vector: guidance given to you to turn to a certain heading. 
Angles: Altitude based in 1 thousand feet increments. 
           ex: Angels One= 1000 ft. Angels One-Nine- 19,000 Ft
In:  turning, diving, climbing or moving to engage a Bandit. Usually stated as part of a phrase such as "Guy 1, tally two Bandits, IN on the high guy"
"CHECK 6” – Look behind you for enemy aircraft.  Ideally an identification of who should be given, however it is a good reminder for everyone to watch their rear.
CHECK HIGH/LOW”  Like Check 6,but alerts to bogeys above or below someone (or group).

“Bingo (ammo/ fuel), out of load, need to RTB. or “Winchester” only for no  munitions (ammo, bombs, etc).
Extend” – Gain separation from enemy aircraft
"Reverse” – Reverse direction, either away to to enemy aircraft.
"Scratch”, means target aircraft is confirmed destroyed, usually when a large part, like wing, departs from aircraft..
Splash”, means target has impacted ground.  While it means in water also used on land (Also apply to missile hitting and destroying aircraft in modern times).
WEP” – War Emergency Power,

Common to In Game:
Drag”  When you are dragging multiple bogeys on your six toward allied players.  Usually inexperience players intent on kill not realizing they are lead into a trap.  Be on alert for calls of "I'm draggin" as this is often a very easy kill.
I’m bait”, someone saying they are “fishing” for enemy aircraft to “drag” to their destruction.  Every great team is ready to do this.
Auger” = when and airplane dives into the ground, perhaps spinning.
Compressing”  When airplane is going too fast, usually in dive, stick loses control authority, bad if the ground is your flight direction.

There is more but this will get you headed in the right direction to understanding people when you may be in voice comms with people (or with me) on War Thunder.

Happy Landings!

"There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter."

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